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Faith in Action Initiatives at Baylor 
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Faith in Action Initiatives 

Baylor employees have consistently affirmed the organization’s mission and ministry as an influential factor in their work. In addition, Baylor has consistently supported its employees’ passions and invested in partnerships in Texas, the United States and around the world that reflect its commitment to health and healing.

The system started Faith in Action Initiatives (FIAI) to maximize its impact locally and world-wide by prioritizing the wide array of partnership and support opportunities in order to invest System resources wisely, avoid waste and duplication of effort.

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Second Life Resources

Second Life Resources

In collaboration with other not-for-profit organizations, FIAI’s Second Life Resources program has stretched medical resources and expertise to regions around the globe which are underserved or in need due to natural disaster or economic and government-imposed burdens.

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Sacred Vocation Program

Sacred Vocation Program

Through FIAI, the system has employed a new means of enhancing the emotional and spiritual care of patients and families by renewing employees' commitment and passion.

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Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Program at Baylor

Faith in Action coordinates the disaster relief efforts of Baylor Scott & White Health. This office gathers physical, medical resources as well as money to address disasters anywhere in the world. In the past, we have responded to disasters in Japan, India, Pakistan and Philippines. Locally, we have reached out to New England; West, Texas; Colorado; Oklahoma; Missouri; and Arkansas.


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"I enjoy getting them. I print them out each day and keep them in a notebook. Thank you, and the other employees who contribute to FIAI, it is a wonderful breath of God being breathed into our institution."
- Teresa L. Bridges

James Lecture

James Lecture

These lectures are designed to bring clergy and medical personnel together to discuss a common point of concern for all patients, families, and our society.. For example, medical ethics issues and end-of-life concerns have to be addressed from both spiritual and clinical perspective.

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Faith Community HealthCare

Faith Community HealthCare

FIAI collaborates with faith communities and clinics to support those who are integrating faith and health within their communities. They may be serving as health counselor, health educator, health promoters, referral-agent, health advocate, home visitor, support group and volunteer group coordinator. They might be serving in roles such as parish nurse/faith community nurse (FCN), Stephens minister or in other community ministry roles.

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Medical Missions

Baylor Medical Missions

FIAI supports Baylor clinical staff in local and international missions to areas in need.

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