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How We Respond to Community Health Needs 

Baylor hospitals provide access to care to the underserved and uninsured in collaboration with other affiliates across Baylor Health Care System. Through innovative programs and services ranging from community outreach efforts to medical education and research trials, this System affiliation allows Baylor hospitals to better address the identified health needs and to continue to do good works on behalf of the community. Browse the pages below to find out more about some of our leading community outreach efforts.

Baylor Community Care Clinics

With the help of HealthTexas Provider Network physicians and clinicians, Baylor serves the uninsured and underserved through eight clinics that provide primary and specialty care.

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Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Projects

Baylor is improving the model of care to allow equal access to health services to all. Read more about how we're reaching others with more primary, specialty and behavioral health care services.

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Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute

In seeking opportunities to serve the community, Baylor acknowledged the rising need for care in Southern Dallas, where health disparities are high and residents struggle economically compared to the rest of Dallas County. The Diabetes Health and Wellness Institute at Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center has become a place of hope for residents seeking to improve their health and be the change they wish to see in this neighborhood.

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Faith in Action Initiatives

Baylor employees are extending their reach around the world to those in need through Faith in Action Initiatives. Learn more about how the Baylor difference has impacted over 27 countries.

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HealthTexas Provider Network

As a highly integrated unit, HTPN and Baylor share the same goals that influence their care for the patient and community. Together, we are motivated by the philosophy of ‘doing right’ by our patients and ‘doing it well’.

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Health and Wellness Focus of Care

The System is transitioning to a preventive model of population health with an increased focus on health and wellness. This innovative approach to preventing illness, will lead North Texas through current challenges in the health care industry and changes from health care reform.

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Improving Geriatric Care

Baylor is committed to improving the health and patient experience for elderly community members. Through Alzheimer's and dementia treatment to providing smooth transitions between care providers, we're creating new ways to meet the needs of seniors.

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Medical Education

Medical education is a crucial part of the Baylor mission. To help address the State’s health care workforce shortage—Texas has ranks 42nd nationally in doctor/resident ratio—Baylor trains physician residents and fellows as well as nurses and other allied health professionals.

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Office of Mission and Ministry

The Office of Mission and Ministry has a far reaching impact on patients, families, staff and the global community through pastoral care, clinical pastoral education and medical missions. See how Baylor cares for the whole person through these initiatives.

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Palliative Care

Baylor’s palliative care program is an area of healthcare that focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients. Palliative care provides consultation services to help patients and families face the complex physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems often accompanying advanced illness. These services are offered regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

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As an affiliate of the System, Baylor Research Institute is an integral part of the System’s overall vision of delivering advanced, safe, effective, patient-centered care supported by education and research. Its mission is to develop innovative therapies to improve the care and well-being of the community. Toward that end, award-winning scientists and medical professionals, work to understand the origin of a disease, identify potential diagnostics, treatments or preventive therapies, enroll patients in research trials and measure the outcome of new innovations.

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