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Outpatient Programs & Locations

Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

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Specialty Clinics 

Our specialty clinics are designed to aid with balance, vision and spasticity problems you may face following brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke. We’ll look for corrective steps to improve your overall function. 

Balance/Vesitibular Clinic

Following a stroke, balance problems can place you at greater risk for dizziness and falls. Therapy can help improve postural stability and balance, making daily life easier.  

Vision Rehabilitation Clinic

In this clinic, an optometrist specializing in neurology/low vision and an occupational therapist trained in brain injury-related visual impairments partner to chart your treatment plan. 

Orthotics Clinic

An individually tailored brace can be the difference between a stilted gait and a more balanced walking stride. In the Orthotics Clinic, an entire team (physiatrist, orthotist and physical therapist) will evaluate your needs and recommend design and construction of the right brace for improved gait, balance and range of motion. 

Spasticity Management Clinic

After a stroke, increased spasticity can make straightening your arms or legs difficult. In this clinic, your medical team will help you work toward improved range of motion, improved joint position and decreased muscle tone in the affected muscles. Treatments may include:

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Oral medications
  • Injections to control muscle spasticity 

Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic

Uneven weight distribution, posture problems and decreased muscle control can all play a role in what kind of wheelchair you should have. Our physical therapists can help you find a seating system designed for your body and your needs.