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Maternity Services

Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton

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After You Deliver 

It's no surprise that the real adventure begins after your baby arrives. From the precious moments immediately after birth to the days and weeks that follow, the care of you and your child remain of the utmost importance to us. Whether you need additional medical consultation or support services, you'll find everything right here at Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton.

The New Family Center

With our family-focused care philosophy, we customize your care based on your needs. After delivery, mom and baby will be transferred to the New Family Center, which includes a sleep area for your support person. Our primary focus is on rest and helping you get acquainted with your new addition.

Babies remain with their mothers in this family-centered unit, receiving their nursing care together. This process of "rooming in" promotes education and confidence-building for new mothers, as well as communication between the nurse and mother.

Newborn Nursery

The newborn nursery at Baylor Carrollton provides specialized care by physicians on the medical staff who are trained to meet newborn patients’ unique health care needs. Our 28-bed newborn nursery is staffed by RNs specializing in the care of infants with advanced equipment and an infant security system for your peace of mind.

Your baby's physician will be notified that your baby has arrived, so he or she can come for the physical exam. If your baby's physician is unavailable, we always have an alternate physician to examine and care for your baby while in the hospital.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides the reassurance of a Level 3 unit—the highest level of care available—providing advanced life-support services and technologies for premature and seriously ill newborns. Staffed by specialized nurses, neonatal nurse practitioners, neonatologists and many other skilled staff, the unit is designed to promote optimal developmental care for sick infants. Learn more about our NICU.

Nutrition Services

We offer an expanded menu from which to choose, and beverages and snacks are available upon request throughout the day. We also offer special snacks to support breastfeeding mothers. Please inform your nurse of any special needs, food allergies or intolerances. Your nurse can provide you with either a hot or cold meal if you arrive in your room after the evening meal service.


Infant Security
After delivery, a security tag is placed on your infant's ankle and is monitored by our security system. The tag is designed to prevent infants from being removed from the unit without authorization. The tag will be removed upon your infant's discharge.

Staff Identification
Do not give your infant to anyone without proper hospital identification. Baylor employees who have access to your baby will wear a badge with a pink frame around the photograph that says their department is "Women's and Children's Services." If someone without proper identification asks to take your baby, refuse to give him or her your baby, and call the nurses' desk immediately.

Please be aware that Baylor Carrollton does not endorse any commercial services provided by an agent or agency outside the medical center. Contacts you may receive by mail or by phone for such products have no connection with Baylor Carrollton.

Check your baby's identification bracelet every time your baby is returned to your room. Make sure his or her bracelet matches yours.


Breastfeeding is recommended for the first year of your baby's life. If you choose to breastfeed, lactation consultants are available to help you with a successful breastfeeding experience. The New Family Unit nurses have received special training in the latest breastfeeding techniques and are available to assist you. A complete breastfeeding class is available to help you make the decision whether to breastfeed and learn how to do so properly.  See the Parent Education Class description for information regarding our breastfeeding class.

Supplemental Newborn Screening

The State of Texas requires that your newborn be tested for 27 metabolic disorders. These tests are performed when your baby is 24 to 36 hours of age and again after discharge at 1 to 2 weeks of age. The tests require a small blood sample that is collected through a heel stick. This procedure is performed in the nursery and the procedure room. Once completed, your baby will be returned to your room promptly. Your follow-up physician will give you instructions for your baby's second newborn screening tests.

Photo Keepsakes

Baylor Carrollton has contracted with an outside company to take your baby's picture. Pictures will be offered during your hospital stay. Your baby may wear an outfit brought from home or his or her hospital t-shirt. You are not obligated to order pictures. The negative is kept on file for one year if you choose to order at a later date.

Birth Certificate

Women's Services will send a representative to your room to help in the completion of the birth certificate paperwork. From this information, an official form will be presented for your signature and official filing. We encourage you to complete this paperwork as soon as possible after arriving to your room for post-partum. A birth certificate will not be provided by the hospital or the State. To receive a birth certificate, contact the county in which the baby was born (Baylor Carrollton is located in Denton County) to request a birth certificate.

Family and Friends

This is an exciting time, and your family and friends will want to visit you. To give you an opportunity for uninterrupted bonding, we have "Cuddle Time" from 2 to 4 p.m. Hospital personnel will respect this quiet time unless the patient calls for assistance. We encourage visitors to support this bonding time and visit before and after "Cuddle Time." The baby's brothers and sisters are important during this time of family transition, but they should be accompanied by an adult and be free of illness. Please ask anyone who holds your baby to wash his or her hands first.

*Visits from family and friends under the age of 14, unless siblings are greatly discouraged to prevent transmission of communicable disease to the newborns.

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