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Cancer Care

Baylor Medical Center at Irving

The Baylor Medical Center at Irving 
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Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Irving 

Radiation Therapy

Quality treatment for cancer doesn’t have to be invasive. Radiation therapy at Baylor Irving may be the most effective, least disruptive way to treat some types of cancer, or it may be used in addition to other treatments.

Radiation therapy uses strong beams of energy to eliminate cancer cells or prevent them from growing. The goal is to treat cancer while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

The specialists at Baylor Irving have the experience and tools to determine which form of radiation therapy is right for each individual patient, and whether or not the therapy should be used in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy.

The Right Radiation

Baylor Irving offers different kinds of technologically-advanced radiation therapies:

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) spares healthy tissue near a tumor by changing the amount of radiation delivered during treatment. IMRT radiation beams also can be formed to the approximate shape of the tumor thereby reducing harm to surrounding cells. Radiation oncologists on staff at Baylor Irving frequently use IMRT to treat prostate cancer.

High-dose rate brachytherapy is an internal radiation therapy treatment option that involves placing small plastic tubes near the tumor. The tubes are then briefly connected to the brachytherapy machine which painlessly delivers radiation. This process is repeated throughout the course of treatment, at the end of which, the tubes are removed. High-dose rate brachytherapy can be used to treat breast, lung and gynecologic cancers.