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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is FollowMyHealth?

FollowMyHealth is a patient portal, made available by Baylor Health
Care System, to provide a convenient and secure way for patients to
manage their personal health record from any computer or mobile device
with internet access.

What are the benefits of using FollowMyHealth?

  • Securely view your personal health record
  • Access when it’s convenient for you
  • More features added continuously to improve your online experience

How do I start?

Step 1: Invitation email

Patients who choose to provide their email address during registration, will receive an invitation email to join FollowMyHealth. This invitation email is required to join, and it includes the instructions on how to set up your online FollowMyHealth account. Check your email junk or quarantined files if the invitation email to join FollowMyHealth is not received. This email includes instructions for Step 2, setting up a FollowMyHealth account.

Step 2: Registering for the first time
  • At the FollowMyHealth login page, click the FMH button.
  • Select Create an Account.
  • Select First Time User, and follow the directions to set up your unique username and password.
  • The Invitation Code will be the last four digits of your social security number. (You will only be required to provide this information one time for security purposes.)

In order to participate in FollowMyHealth, patients will be required to enter into an agreement directly with AllscriptsTM Healthcare, LLC, the provider of the portal.

Step 3: Start Benefiting from FollowMyHealth

Once your FollowMyHealth account is created, bookmark the site or you can use the link provided at

How do I access my account from my mobile device?

Your FollowMyHealth home page has a hyperlink in the top right corner. Click Add Healthcare Apps. You can also install the free FollowMyHealth app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play marketplace store. Search for “FollowMyHealth” to find the app. Once you have the FollowMyHealth app, you can choose to specify certain notifications be sent via text messaging on your mobile phone. Text messages do not contain protected health information.

After I set up my account and establish my connection to Baylor Health Care System, what results will I see on the portal?

For tests completed on January 8, 2014 or after, the following test result reports will be available:

  • Most laboratory studies
  • Radiology tests: X-rays, MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine
  • Cardiology procedure results
  • Gastroenterology procedure results

Certain sensitive lab test results will not be available to patients in FollowMyHealth, which includes, but are not limited to Hepatitis, HIV, STDs and genetic testing.

Not all health information in your medical record is available online. For a complete copy of your medical record, contact the health information management department at the Baylor facility you last visited.

Can I set up accounts for health care dependents?

FollowMyHealth does allow you to set up an account for health care dependents, known as a proxy account. A proxy account allows you to view the health care dependent’s information available in FollowMyHealth. Examples of a proxy account include:

  • Dependent adult
  • Legal guardian
  • Minor child – Ages 0-13 (Existing proxy access of a minor child stops at age 14, and proxy access must be resubmitted to the health information management department)

If you would like to request proxy access, please complete the adult proxy access request form or minor child proxy access request form and return it to the health information management department at the Baylor facility where the health care dependent was last seen as a patient. Contact information for the health information management departments are included on the form.

How do I set up an account if I didn’t receive an email invitation?

To request an email invitation, fill out the FollowMyHealth Sign-Up Form. Complete the form and return it to the health information management department at the last Baylor facility where you were last seen as a patient. Call the FollowMyHealth Help Desk at 1.888.670.9775 to have the form emailed to you.

Technical requirements

  • Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Firefox 2 or 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 3 or 4.
  • Operating systems: Windows or MAC.
  • A FollowMyHealth (FMH) secure login account required.


  • Technical support: Call 1.888.670.9775, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or email
  • Clinical questions: Please contact your primary care physician.
  • Online support resources: Available on the FMH site.