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Chemical Dependency Treatment  

The Disease of Addiction 

Addiction to alcohol or other mood-altering substances is a chronic and potentially fatal illness, with predictable symptoms and stages. Addiction hurts not only the addicted person, but family and loved ones suffer too as the disease becomes progressively worse.

Do you have a drinking or substance abuse problem?

Answer these questions about your use of alcohol and/or mood-altering drugs:
  • Do you drink/use alone when you feel angry or sad?
  • Does your drinking/using ever make you late for work?
  • Do you ever drink/use after telling yourself you won't?
  • Does your drinking/using worry your family?
  • Do you ever forget what you did while you were drinking/using? 

If you answered "yes" to any one of these questions, it is possible that you have a substance abuse problem.  

Help is a Phone Call Away 

Call us at 817.922.1162 and let us help you and your family take the first steps toward recovery. At Baylor, the cycle of addiction can be interrupted by stopping the use of all mood-altering substances, a process called detoxification. Your physician will decide if you can safely detox as an outpatient, or if a brief hospital stay will be needed. 

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Program

A continuation of rehab therapy and twelve-step education following detox. Many adults begin their recovery in this outpatient program setting. Two levels of intensity are offered Monday through Friday.

Partial Hospitalization Program:
  • Six hours per day
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Nursing care provided
  • Weekly family group
Intensive Outpatient Program:
  • Three hours per day
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Weekly family group