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Certified Rehabilitative Nurses at BIR 

The nurses at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation (BIR) play a critical role in providing quality care to patients. While many nurses specialize in different areas of medical care, BIR is proud to offer a staff of specially trained rehabilitation nurses.

More than 33 percent of BIR nurses are Certified Rehabilitative Registered Nurses (CRRN), a designation that indicates their dedication to caring for persons with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses as well as their commitment to professional development.

Some general responsibilities of the CRRN are:
  • Specialized knowledge and clinical skills to provide care for people who have suffered traumatic events like stroke or spinal cord injury
  • Coordinates with all areas of patient care for effective discharge planning
  • Performs hands on nursing care, working with and helping the patient overcome medical issues on a daily basis
  • Educates the patient on their condition and prepares them for the sometimes challenging road ahead
  • Serves as the patient advocate, working to find the most effective, efficient ways for patients and families to succeed at home