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Resilience During Rehab at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation  

Resilience refers to a person’s ability to cope in a positive manner despite a traumatic event such as a spinal cord injury.

Dr. Ann Marie Warren, Rehabilitation Psychologist at BIR, and her co-investigators at the University of North Texas have been studying the role of resilience following traumatic injury for the past several years. Their recently published article in Rehabilitation Psychology (White, Driver, & Warren, 2010) examined whether or not a person’s resilience changes over time and identified any relationship among resilience and indicators of adjustment. The study showed resilience did not change over time and that individuals with higher resiliency had less depression and greater satisfaction. A relationship was also found between resilience and spirituality for individuals early on in the rehabilitation process.

 According to Dr. Warren, “The results of this preliminary work is helping shape our current research focus which is to identify  individuals with low resilience in the very beginning of the rehabilitation process and then ultimately develop interventions to reduce the chances of negative psychological outcome following trauma and improve overall rehabilitation outcome for those at risk.”

If you have questions regarding the study please contact Dr. Ann Marie Warren, or at 214.820.9315.

 For access to the full article please click here.