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Outpatient Rehabilitation Assessment & Evaluation 

Ordinarily, words like assessment and evaluation don’t grab many headlines. Yet they are sometimes where breakthroughs begin.  

Through our comprehensive outpatient services at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, your physicians, neuropsychologists and therapists assess your needs and progress. Your team—which includes you and your family—can then chart the best course for your care as you continue your journey toward the most independent life possible. 

BIR’s Assessment and Evaluation Services can help with: 

Communication disorders

Speech and hearing assessments can help determine your therapy needs as well as practical aids, such as palatal lifts or surgery to help improve communication. 

Difficulty swallowing

If you experience difficulty swallowing, our speech therapists and radiologists evaluate the cause of the problem and determine treatment options. 

Cognitive/perceptual skills

A thorough neuropsychological evaluation will help assess critical life skills such as problem solving, memory, attention and comprehension. Your strengths and weaknesses will help determine how ready you are to drive, work or return to school—and what the next step of treatment should be.