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Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research 

At Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, we are engaged in research that could improve your quality of life today. 

Our “right-now” research emphasis stems from our belief that clinical trials and creative approaches can help you live a full life today rather than waiting for tomorrow.  

In this spirit, our researchers are “clinician-researchers,” which means their hands-on patient care keeps their research focus relevant to real-life needs. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Model System Study 

We also collaborate with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in the North Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Model System, joining only 15 other TBI Model Systems in the nation. This prestigious designation has been renewed through 2012. 

We follow participating patients for up to twenty years during their recovery to measure different outcome variables. Learn more here.  

Human Growth Hormone Study

Up to 35 percent of TBI patients have deficiencies in human growth hormone. As part of our TBI Model Systems study, our researchers are studying how HGH may aid TBI recovery—much of which happens in the first few months following injury. 

Genetic Biomarker Review

We are looking at DNA to consider the outcome following traumatic head injuries and determine if there are predispositions to explain different variables with the TBI population.  

Deep Vein Thrombosis

We initiated a study in our patient population to determine the safest and most effective measurement in preventing symptomatic DVT. 

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