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Medical Specialties 

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Medical Specialties 

Baylor Specialty Hospital specializes in the treatment of patients with complex medical conditions.  The goal is to improve patients' conditions to the highest level of function so they return home as quickly as possible.  These acutely ill patients receive the focused care of an experienced team of highly trained specialists who can offer coordinated treatment in a setting that allows proper time for recovery.  They're supported by advanced medical technology designed specifically for such complex cases.

Key areas of treatment include:

Physician-Led Teams

Baylor Specialty Hospital, one of few long-term, acute facilities to utilize hospitalists, believes this is key to maintaining and improving quality of care.  All hospitalists are board certified in internal medicine and trained in critical care.  Their experience in complex medical disease management enables them to effectively treat patients who have, on average, 8 to 10 ongoing medical problems at one time.  The physicians use a multidisciplinary approach to treat such conditions as congestive heart failures, chronic renal failure, acute renal failure and respiratory failure. 

The main goal of the hospitalists is to take care of patients medically to improve their strength and condition.  They then work with wound care physicians, pulmonologists, physiatrists, and other specialists to get each patient to a level of recovery that allows the patient to go home.