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Types of Bariatric Surgery 

Duodenal Switch Surgery

Today there are several surgical options for weight loss. You and your surgeon must evaluate the procedures and decide which one is right for you. Results achieved by patients must be independently evaluated and managed. Actual weight loss will vary.

About the Procedure

The Duodenal Switch is a radical, yet effective weight-loss surgery. Duodenal Switch with biliopancreatic diversion is an operation that relies primarily on a mechanism called malabsorption to help people achieve and maintain weight loss. 

To achieve this, a partial resection of the stomach and a bypass of 50-70% of the small intestine are the important elements of this surgery. 

The absorption of food is decreased in two ways, both absorptive surface area of the intestine and transit time for the food are reduced decreasing the opportunity for absorption.

 Additionally, the digestive enzymes from the pancreas and duodenum are diverted away from the food channel for most of its length preventing complete digestion and absorption of calorie dense foods such as fat and starches. 


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