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Asthma Care

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

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Diagnosis & Treatment of Asthma 


A diagnosis of asthma is based on patient's medical history, a physical exam and lung function tests. If asthma symptoms developed during adulthood, you may be asked about your job to determine if your occupation could be contributing to your symptoms.

Lung function tests can diagnose asthma, determine its severity and check for complications. See tests to learn more about how the diagnosis is made through tests and screenings that are provided.


Several treatment options are provided after evaluation, testing and diagnostics for asthma at the Baylor Martha Foster Lung Care Center.

The asthma program has two major objectives, to reduce asthma symptoms and control attacks. Our program offers:

  • Individualized medical programs using the most appropriate therapies
  • Self-management skills to teach patients how to take control of their asthma on a daily basis

By recognizing early symptoms, patients often can avoid an attack. Patients are taught to check their asthma conditions by using a peak flow meter.
In addition, the Baylor Martha Foster Lung Care Center is proud to now offer bronchial thermoplasty, which may offer a life-long reduction in severe asthma attacks.

Allergies & Colds

Allergies and cold symptoms that lead to pneumonia, chronic bronchitis and other breathing problems can all be treated at the Baylor Lung Care Center. For more information, call 214.820.3500.

Exercise Enthusiasts and Competitive Athletes

In shape, but out of breath?
Our Competitive Performance Program offers training options that can help you improve your exercise and performance and reach your competitive goals. Our trained staff provides evaluation, testing that includes cardiovascular and breathing tests, training and education. If you would like to meet with a trainer, we can make one available who will work with you for the duration of the Competitive Performance Program. For more information, call 214.820.3500.