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Asthma Care

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Severe Attacks 

Asthma attacks may start suddenly. Or they may take a long time, even days, to develop. Attacks can be severe, moderate or mild.

When these happen, you may become breathless. As you're less and less able to breathe, you may have trouble talking. Your neck muscles may become tight as you breathe. Your lips and fingernails might turn a grayish or bluish color. The skin around the ribs of your chest might be sucked in; this happens most often in children. If you are using a peak flow meter you will drop below 50% of your personal best.

In Case of a Severe Asthma Attack:

Take your asthma medicine prescribed for an attack and get emergency medical help right away!

You can get into trouble if you wait too long to get help. This is how people die from asthma.

Go quickly to your health care provider's office or an emergency room. The sooner you see a health care provider, the faster you get the help you need.