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Breast Imaging

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Digital Mammography & Advanced Technology

Baylor Dallas' Breast Imaging Centers are equipped with advanced technology for accurate diagnosis, including fully digital mammography units. This allows radiologists to manipulate the images and focus more clearly on any areas of concern. Digital mammography also reduces the need to retake underdeveloped images, decreases unnecessary patient return visits and typically allows the patient to move through the screening process more quickly.

All four locations also offer Computer–Aided Detection (CAD). This system provides a second review of screening mammograms for areas that may be of concern.

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Mammography – Digital Screening – Digital screening mammography detects breast changes in women who have no breast symptoms. All four of our centers offer digital screening mammography. Our Junius Street location, adjacent to the Dallas hospital campus, offers 3D mammograms in addition to standard 2D digital mammograms. Learn more about 3D mammograms here.