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Radiosurgery Technology 

CyberKnife® Technology

The CyberKnife provides a completely different way to perform radiosurgery. It consists of a large and powerful robotic system that stereotactically guides a modified linear accelerator around the patient, delivering one beam at a time. The system automatically uses X-rays of the patient taken during treatment to tell the robotic device how to compensate for patient movement, allowing the CyberKnife literally to "track" the tumor. During treatment of extracranial sites, the CyberKnife tracks motion induced by respiration to produce a precise treatment plan. This remarkable technology is also the secret behind the ability of the CyberKnife to treat difficult tumors requiring fractionation.

Gamma Knife® Technology

The Gamma Knife directs 201 focused beams of radiation at the targeted lesion by means of a large helmet-like collimator. A special stereotactic frame is attached to the patient’s head, providing greater accuracy. The model of Gamma Knife at Baylor Radiosurgery Center features a motorized, automated positioning system that allows shorter treatment times.