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Osteoporosis Education and Treatment Program 

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease in which there is an exaggerated loss of quantity and quality of bone, causing an increase in the risk of fractures.  Studies have provided evidence for the value of weight bearing exercises and resistance training in increasing bone strength.

  • Identify possible postural deformity.
  • Help identify secondary high-risk factors associated with the disease.
  • Observation of movement patterns

  • Fall and fracture prevention.
  • Instruction in a comprehensive, custom program to meet patients needs based on age and physical condition.
  • Safe, site-specific exercises to strengthen the muscles needed for proper posture and relief of spinal compression.
  • Balance training.
  • Flexibility training in safe positions
  • Instruction in posture and body mechanics with special attention to Activity of Daily Living training.

Once one has had on osteoporotic fracture, they are at significantly higher risk for subsequent fractures.  Physical therapy early on in diagnosis can help prevent fractures and falls from occurring. 

If you already have had a fracture, physical therapy can help minimize your risk for further fractures and increase your independence and confidence.