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Running Program 

Run long enough and you will experience pain or an injury.  Injuries can be due to breakdowns in running mechanics, inflexibility or muscular imbalance. 

Outpatient Physical Therapy at the Tom Landry Center offers a program headed by a licensed physical therapist who is also a certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America. 

The physical therapist will consider your individual needs and develop a program specifically tailored to your body and running style.

Techniques Include: 
  • Running form assessment
  • Foot posturing
  • Shoe wear analysis
  • Flexibility testing
  • Strength testing
Goals of Treatment:
  • Specific running related stretches
  • Correcting the balance of flexibility and strengthening
  • Focus on core stabilization
  • High level proprioception training
  • Improving running form and efficiency to reduce risk of injury
  • Education on proper training techniques of injury prevention