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Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

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Women’s Health Program 

Outpatient Women's Health Physical Therapists manage women's concerns throughout the lifespan and help the patient regain their quality of life.

Physical therapists are skilled in evaluating and providing patient centered treatment of musculoskeletal problems.  Physical therapists with advanced training in the area of women’s heath have further knowledge regarding issues directly related to women and their unique anatomy, physiology and lifestyle.

Obstetrical & Post-Partum Complaints

Fluctuating hormone levels in both the prenatal and post-partum phases cause excessive joint mobility which can lead to pain and dysfunction. Postural changes can also cause some muscles to become tight while trying to support the posture while others become stretched or weak.

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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Pelvic floor muscles disorders can arise from muscles being overactive, underactive or non-functioning. This can lead to incontinence, sexual dysfunction, organ prolapse or pelvic pain syndromes. Function can be regained or normalized through sensory awareness or re-education.

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Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease where there is an exaggerated loss of quantity and quality of bone causing an increase in the risk of fractures. Physical therapists not only help people to regain function and movement, but also play a role in education and prevention.

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Lymphedema is a condition where the body is unable to properly transport lymph fluid from the tissue spaces back to the blood stream. Physical therapists develop treatment plans with the patient focusing on re-education and maintenance.

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Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by fatigue and widespread pain in muscles and tendons and ligaments. Physical therapists incorporate land and aquatic exercises, patient education with lifestyle changes to help patients learn a life long way to manage the fibromyalgia to improve their quality of life.

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Oncology/Breast Health

Physical Therapists can help patients during and after treatment for a variety of cancers. Focus is on regaining range of motion, balance, gait and increasing endurance. Special interest is taken to return the patients to her activity goals.

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Other Nerve & Orthopedic related diagnoses

Women are more prone to certain ligament and orthopedic injuries due to their anatomy and hormone fluctuations. Physical therapists trained in Women’s Health are skilled in treating all women throughout the lifespan and activity level.

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