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Weight Loss Surgery

Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas

Baylor has many support resources for weight loss and weight loss surgery success 
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Support Resources 

Nutrition Counseling

Baylor Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Program provides full support for patients before, during and after weight loss surgery. A registered dietitian, who specializes in bariatric nutrition, works solely with weight loss surgery patients, both before and after their procedure. 

Because weight loss surgery changes the digestive process, nutritional counseling is essential to learning new techniques for eating. For patients who undergo bariatric surgery, the dietitian provides education and tools about food intolerances and avoiding nutritional deficiencies.

The techniques you learn from the Baylor Dallas dietitian and nutrition classes are lifestyle changes that assist you the rest of your life. Whether you’re eating out or cooking at home, if you become discouraged or need clarification, the dietitian is available to create or modify individual eating plans.

Upon approval for the surgery, you will attend a nutrition class that focuses on post-surgery nutritional guidelines. Additional classes are available at six weeks, six months and one year after surgery. You may attend classes as often as desired, and one-on-one nutritional counseling is available.

Getting Ready for a Lifelong Healthy Journey

The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas offers the SHED program designed especially for pre-surgical weight-loss surgery patients who are beginning their healthy new lifestyle, and post-surgical weight-loss patients who have been cleared to start exercising. Find out more about Baylor Tom Landry Fitness. 

Education & Support Groups

The Baylor Dallas Weight Loss Surgery Program is pleased to provide patients, family and friends with educational and support tools to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Support groups offer continued education through distinguished speakers and building relationships with post-surgery patients. The groups create a community to build mentoring relationships for additional support and accountability.

Support group educational and fun events are coordinated by a dietitian and nurse practitioner. These groups can help you learn what to expect before, during and after your surgery. Baylor Dallas offers in-depth educational workshops on such topics as body image, weight maintenance skills and relapse prevention.

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Resources for Weight Loss Success