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Skin Cancer Types 

There are different types of skin cancer that vary in severity. Among these are:

  • Basal Cell Cancer - is one of the most common forms of skin cancer and is nonmalignant. Basal cell begins in the lowest layer of the epidermis, called the basal cell layer, usually in an area exposed to the sun such as the face or neck. Basal cell carcinomas grow slowly and usually do not spread unless left untreated. However, they can recur after treatment.
  • Melanoma Skin Cancer - Malignant melanoma is the least common form of skin cancer but can be the most dangerous. It most often appears on the trunk of fair-skinned men and on the lower legs of fair-skinned women but can also appear other places and on people with darker skin. Melanoma is almost always curable in its early stages but also is likely to spread to other parts of the body. 
  • Squamous Cell Cancer - is a non-melanoma type of skin cancer. It usually occurs on the face, ear, neck, lips, and backs of the hands. It can also begin within scars or skin ulcers elsewhere on the body. Less often, it forms in the skin of the genital area. People with suppressed immune systems such as, transplant recipients, have an increased risk for this type of cancer.