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Metabolic Diseases

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Newborn Screening 

Supplemental Newborn Screening is an important step in protecting the health of your child.

Metabolic diseases rarely occur. Approximately one in every 5,600 newborns is affected. Unfortunately, at first most infants with these disorders show no obvious signs of disease. The good news is that proper screening at birth can often discover these problems. And with early diagnosis and treatment, metabolic disease often can be managed effectively.

A metabolic disease is a disorder caused by the accumulation of chemicals produced naturally in the body. These diseases are usually serious, some even life-threatening. Others may slow physical development or cause mental retardation.

All states require that your newborn be tested for three to eight metabolic disorders. As an extra step in protecting your baby's health, the Institute of Metabolic Disease at Baylor offers supplemental newborn screening for 30 additional disorders not included in the state-required screening.

Many states and individual hospitals now offer a supplemental screening service. To avoid unnecessary duplication of this screening, please check with your hospital or birthing facility to find out whether or not they offer this screening and what disorders are included in their screening.