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Meditation and Prayer Gardens 

Interfaith Garden

You may choose to sit on a bench and pray, enjoy nature or simply gather your thoughts. Or you may wish to walk the prayer path, a symbol found in religious and spiritual traditions in various forms around the world.

Here are some suggestions for walking the prayer path:
Begin at the entrance closest to the Sammons Cancer Center and the emergency department. Follow the light stone paving to the center area.
Walk at your own pace, and stop any time you want. Please move over to the side of the path so that others may pass. As you walk toward the center of the path, try to release your concerns. Stay in the center, in prayer or meditation, as long as you want, and then follow the same path back out. As you leave the center, listen for guidance or experience peace.

Remember that prayer experiences are all different. Allow yourself to receive whatever comes to you, without expectations of what should happen. May the Interfaith Garden of Prayer bring you comfort, serenity and healing in this sacred space. It is located off Junius Street across from the Robert's Hospital circle drive.

Lovie's Healing Garden

Research has shown the therapeutic benefits of nature and observing natural scenes evokes positive feelings and reduces stress and negative emotions. Dedicated for Martha Foster Skiles by her family, the garden is nicknamed Lovie's Garden after the name Martha's husband called her. The Healing Garden is located on Worth Street in front of Baylor Sammons Cancer Center outpatient building.

During your time in either garden, please remain quiet and respect others privacy. Please do not smoke or bring food or drinks into this area.