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Pastoral Care 

Commitment to People of All Faiths

Chaplains visit with patients and family members at the hospital and elsewhere providing spiritual care, counseling and education to people of all faiths.

Dallas Pastor George Truett, a Baylor founder, envisioned a hospital to which "persons of all faiths and those of none may come with equal confidence." Baylor chaplains work to meet the spiritual needs of our diverse patients, families, visitors, and staff, helping make Truett's dream a reality.

Chaplains and students at Baylor walk alongside people in their journeys with illness, reaching across cultures, beliefs, and religious backgrounds. They also teach and learn from one another about cultural and religious sensitivity and foster openness. Baylor chaplains receive special training and actively collaborate with ministers from a broad spectrum of faiths to help people from every religious group get the spiritual and religious support they need. 

Chaplain trainees at Baylor are a varied group of people who have chosen to train in a faith-based setting with a strong heritage of Baptist and Christian commitment because of its dedication to values like those expressed by Dr. Truett.

Issues Surrounding Critical Illness

There may come a time when you or a member of your family is seriously injured or becomes gravely ill. In the midst of your shock and grief, you may be asked to make difficult decisions about the intensity of medical care administered, or whether life-support systems should be used or withdrawn. It is important for you to learn about the levels and types of medical care available, your or your family member's health status and prognosis, and to discuss the treatment with which you would feel comfortable before you or your family member need to make these decisions. This section of our web site is designed to help you better understand these issues.