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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - McKinney

Need something? Call us: 1.800.4BAYLOR(1.800.422.9567)
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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - McKinney

  • 5252 W. University Drive
  • Highway 380 at Lake Forest Drive
  • McKinney, TX 75071

For questions, please call 469.764.1000

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Become a Volunteer 

Types of Volunteer Work 

As a volunteer at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - McKinney, patients, families, and staff appreciate your time and service. From answering phones to comforting families during a traumatic event, our volunteers make a significant impact on our patients and the community. Areas of service may include:

  • Provide comfort items and assistance to patients and their families
  • Assist staff on nursing units
  • Deliver mail and flowers
  • Escort patients and visitors
  • Perform general office duties
  • Serve patients, visitors and employees in the volunteer-supported concierge desks
  • Sponsor fundraisers
  • Participate in health fairs
  • Provide tours
  • Serve on committees
  • Be involved in a specialty program, including heart surgery patient or close relative, cancer survivor or close relative, weight loss surgery patient, retired R.N. or pet therapy escort.

Online Volunteer Application

To apply online to become a volunteer, please completely fill out our online form.

Online Volunteer Application

To apply online to become a volunteer, please completely fill out the form below.

The application process includes a personal interview, checking of references, completing TB-2 step screening, a drug and nicotine screen, attending a general orientation, and criminal background check. Upon acceptance, you will receive training to enable you to efficiently perform your duties as a volunteer. It is expected that volunteers will comply with the hospital and department policies and guidelines.

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Have you ever been convicted, been given probation or deferred adjudication in lieu of sentencing, pled no contest for any offense other than minor traffic violations or are you charged with an unresolved criminal charge?

If yes, please explain fully.

Do you currently use nicotine products including, but not limited to, cigarettes, ecigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, nicotine patches or gum?

Previous work and/or volunteer experience

Foreign languages(s) spoken

How did you find out about our program?

Special education, training, skills (including computer) and interests

Reason for volunteering

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By checking "Yes," you agree to give regular and dependable service to Baylor Medical Center at McKinney once accepted into the volunteer program.