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Clinical Trials 

If you’re fighting cancer, it’s nice to know your hospital is doing all it can to fight cancer with you 

At Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Plano, this means we offer advanced treatments today, and conduct clinical trials that may lead to even better treatments tomorrow. For example, one study is currently underway that uses a patient’s own cancer cells to personalize chemotherapy. This may allow patients to better withstand treatment with less sickness and discomfort. 

In 2010, approximately 7 percent of our patients were included in clinical trials and research studies. By taking part, you can: 

  • Help the medical community discover new, better treatments
  • Have the satisfaction of aiding in progress against disease
  • Receive the most recent information and evidence-based care from our experts 

Currently, these breast cancer clinical trials are open: 

  • lapat+trast vs trast suppression HER 2+
  • Adj. TAC vs TC vs TC+Bev
  • Adjuvant Neratinib vs Placebo
  • D-CARE Adjuvant Denosumab BrCa
  • Rd Letrozole± Dasatinib HR+ PostMen Met 

Currently, these lung cancer clinical trials are open: 

  • Eribulin with intermittent Erlotinib NSCLC
  • Pem/Carbo/Bev vs Tax/Carbo/Bev 1Ln NSCLC
  • Docetaxel +/- ASA404 in 2Ln NSCLC
  • Aranesp in NSCLC 

In affiliation with the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center, Baylor Scott & White - Plano offers Phase II and Phase III trials, which are the earliest-stage clinical trials testing new treatments, drugs or devices on people. Most community hospitals do not have the skill or resources to conduct Phase II and Phase III studies. 

For more information about individual studies, please email 

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