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Steps to Better Health

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Five Easy Steps to Better Health 

Men don’t always make their health a priority.

These five steps can help: 

1. Know your personal health history. Make sure your doctor has accurate records of your surgeries, illnesses and conditions. If you change doctors, have your records forwarded. 

2. Know your family history. Your doctor needs to know if you’re at higher-than-normal risk for health conditions that run in families. You don’t have to track your relatives back through the ages. Just know what problems your parents, grandparents and siblings have faced. And pay it forward—make sure your relatives know your diagnoses, too. 

3. Don’t ignore symptoms. Some men tend to disregard symptoms that don’t cause pain. But your high blood pressure, that mole that looks different, or your elevated PSA readings aren’t going to take care of themselves. Visit your doctor regularly for preventive checkups and to address any concerns you’re aware of. 

4. Follow your doctor’s advice. Once you visit your doctor, listen to his or her recommendations. If you run into problems, ask your doctor for advice. For example, if your doctor prescribes medication to lower your blood pressure and you’re noticing side effects, find out if you can try a different dosage or medication. Don’t simply stop taking the pills. 

5. Make time for your health. You know you should be exercising and making healthy food choices. Carve out time in your day for a walk or a workout, and for small, well-balanced meals. 

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