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Wound Care 

When a patient arrives at Baylor Plano for wound care, they will be treated by a licensed therapy professional with specific training in wound care and treated with advanced wound care products.  

Our desire is to facilitate rapid healing, reduce discomfort associated with open wounds, avoid unnecessary hospitalization and lower cost of care. We emphasize patient and family education. We also communicate on a consistent basis with referring physicians, keeping the informed of their patients’ assessment, treatment recommendations and follow-up plan of care through regular reports. 

On patients’ initial visit to Baylor Plano, they will receive a comprehensive evaluation of their wound. The assessment will include current status of the wound, the patient’s understanding of and ability to complete self-care, as well as an evaluation of systemic and local factors that may be affecting the healing process. Patient progress is closely monitored, and the plan of care is modified as needed. Referring physicians are kept current on any changes required to facilitate healing. 

Our occupational and physical therapists:
  • Use Mist Therapy®, a device that emits ultrasound waves through a gentle saline mist to help wounds heal by killing surface bacteria and breaking up dead tissue.
  • Treat with Wound V.A.C.® Therapy, a sponge-like foam placed into your wound to remove infectious material, remove fluids and help draw the wound edges together to facilitate healing.
  • Perform manual debridement – removal of damaged tissue that can impede healing
  • Use pulse lavage – the application of a solution under pressure to clean wounds
  • Create, custom protective splinting that can help protect your wounds from movement

A physician referral is required for the wound care program at Baylor Plano. If you need a referral to a physician on the Baylor Plano medical staff, click here or call 1.800.4BAYLOR. To find out more about wound care therapy at Baylor Plano, call 469.814.2550.  

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