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Nancy Swift 


57 years old, 58° curve

I knew my back hurt, but I didn't realize how much pain I was in until after the surgery ...because then I understood what it was like to be free from pain. When it hurts all the time, it becomes so ingrained in everyday life that you aren't conscious of the pain, even though it affects your mood and your ability to live. Life revolved around how my back felt each day. To cope with the pain, I slept quite a bit.

I've always struggled with asthma. I thought that my asthma was getting worse as I aged, but after the surgery I discovered that my asthma was better. My scoliosis had compressed my chest such that it hindered my ability to breathe. Even though I still have asthma, I have noticed a marked difference in the frequency and severity of my symptoms now that my back and chest are in alignment.

During my freshman year in college, my home economics teacher criticized my hems, which, to her, were always crooked. My hems were not straight when the garment was hanging on a mannequin. In my defense, the hems were straight... when I was wearing the garment.

When I would try on clothes at the store, I would often have my family look at the garment on me to see if it accentuated the fact that one of my hips appeared to stick out more. Every time I tried something on, I would shop not for clothes that looked pretty, but for clothes that hid this inconsistency in the height of my hips. I was worried that other people would be able to tell that I had scoliosis and that made me self-conscious.

Avoidance became a way of life. I avoided even menial daily tasks that might require me to bend or twist my back. I tried desperately to find ways to eliminate doing activities that caused more pain. I knew that circumventing the problem in this way had gone too far when I could no longer trim my own toenails.

The care that I received from Baylor Scott & White - Plano was excellent. I felt as if I was their only patient.