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Baylor Scoliosis Center

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The Baylor Rehabilitation System 

Rehabilitation Experience

Since 1981, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation has provided a comprehensive treatment program for patients who have undergone surgery for scoliosis and other orthopaedic conditions to assist them in returning to an independent and productive lifestyle.

Patients may be treated in either Baylor Institute for Rehabiliation at Dallas or Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation at Frisco. 

Outpatient Locations

The outpatient therapy clinics offer the technological capabilities, the skilled staff and the specialized programs patients need. A wide range of services is available to treat numerous types of injuries and conditions. All therapies and treatment regimens are based on helping patients reduce pain and improve function.

The Baylor Rehabilitation System offers convenient access to outpatient rehabilitation services across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For patients out of the Dallas Fort Worth area, the staff at the Baylor Scoliosis Center will assist in finding an outpatient facility that is convenient for you.

For what is often decades, patients with scoliosis become accustomed to sitting, standing and walking with some degree of spine curvature and, frequently, some degree of pain. After surgery, patients encounter themselves in what is virtually an entirely new body. Inpatient rehabilitation may be necessary to address changes in both physical functioning and body image.

The Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation offers comprehensive post-operative stabilization and rehabilitation for patients with a focus on pain management, bowel and bladder function and ambulation, as well as activities of daily living. If any neurological deficits are experienced after surgery, patients will be integrated into a program focused on stabilization, adaptation and recovery.

We offer a full continuum of care that includes comprehensive inpatient services and outpatient specialty care, as well as clinics and follow-up services. Patients have the comfort and convenience of working with only one health care provider for any ongoing rehabilitation needs.