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Weight Management & Surgery

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Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgeries 
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Weight Loss Surgery Types 

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Once you and your doctor have determined that weight loss surgery is your next step, it’s time to decide which procedure is right for you. 

Baylor Plano’s Weight Loss Surgery Center offers three types of minimally invasive surgeries for weight loss: 

  • Gastric Bypass - With this procedure, your stomach is made smaller. It is also connected directly to the small intestine, which lowers calorie absorption.
  • Gastric Band - This reversible, adjustable procedure involves fastening a band around the stomach, which restricts food consumption.
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy - With this weight reduction surgery, the stomach is divided vertically, which restricts food intake.
  • Revision - For surgical weight loss patients who have not achieved desired weight loss, revision surgery can help. 

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