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Pulmonary Rehab Team 

You and others close to you are the most important members of the pulmonary rehabilitation team. We encourage you to take an active role in your program to improve your health. Here are some other important members of your team:

The nurses and respiratory therapists provide you with information on such subjects as body structure, lung function, medication, infection control, and equipment use. You will be taught useful breathing techniques to help you breathe easier. The respiratory therapists will help you to determine when you should call your doctor, as well as the important information you should share with your doctor when you go for your office visit.

The physical therapist helps develop a safe exercise program based on your individual need s. Regular exercise will increase your endurance, enabling you to do the things you enjoy.

The occupational therapist will teach you energy conservation and stress management techniques, both essential in increasing your ability to perform such daily activities as bathing and dressing.

The social worker will provide counseling, support, and information concerning community resources.

The chaplain provides additional emotional and spiritual support you may need .

The dietitian evaluates your nutritional status and makes recommendations regarding your eating habits and how they might affect your breathing.

Physicians are important members of the team, too. Your doctor and the medical director of this program will closely supervise your care during the time you are here. Upon completion of the program, we will send all medical records to your doctor.