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My Story Videos 

Baylor Health Exclusive

Sometimes the best resource for understanding more about a condition is someone who has been there. Watch our real patients tell their real stories of health and healing at Baylor Health Care System.

Featured Story

Digestive Health: Jennifer's Story
When Jennifer Sheppard’s stomach pain became too much to bear, she turned to the team at Baylor for help. Now with her Crohn’s disease in check, she’s back to focusing on the things she loves.

Cancer Care

Debbie Story
Debbie Stallings didn’t expect breast cancer to make an appearance in her life. But now that it has and she has overcome it, she’s helping others do the same.

Bill's Story
When a routine colonoscopy screening caught cancer, Bill turned to the team at Baylor.

Phil's Story
When Phil Waigand was diagnosed with cancer, he found a strong ally in Baylor.

Madelyn’s Story
When Madelyn Brinkley received a cancer diagnosis, her shock quickly turned into a steadfast resolve to beat the disease. Thanks to minimally invasive surgery at Baylor, she’s cancer-free and cherishing every day.

The Benefits of Early Intervention
Before Marty Mitcham was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he didn’t know he had a family history of the disease. Thanks to an early diagnosis and surgery at Baylor, he’s back to enjoying life.

Diabetes Care

Woody's Story
When 52-year-old Woody Runner found out he had diabetes, he handled his diagnosis by diving into the data and taking control.

Heart & Vascular Care

Tailored Heart Care
Heart disease can show up in different ways for different people. For 43-year-old Tino Garcia, it was a mild, unfamiliar chest pain that sent him to his doctor. Tino found out he had blockages in his heart’s vessels, but the cardiac specialists on the medical staff at Baylor used stents to open those blockages so that he could get back to healthy living.

Greg's Story
Thanks to his wife's quick thinking, Greg Cromartie is living life to the fullest after surviving a heart attack.

Christy's Story
When Christy Pfeifer-Gamez started feeling ill, she had no idea her heart was to blame. Luckily, Baylor did.

Magnificent Bystander
When her husband, Brian, complained of severe chest pains, Laura Jo Jones grabbed the refrigerator magnet she had received from Baylor listing the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Brian was exhibiting many of them, so she immediately dialed 911. That fast thinking—and emergency care—saved Brian’s life. He shares the details of his experience in a must-see My Story video. It has a happy ending we can all learn from.

Back in Action with Cardiac Rehab
Fred Curry had a heart attack at 48 years old. Find out how he’s recovered and made changes to his lifestyle

When You Can't Just Walk It Off
When knee pain began interfering with Bill Mattes’s profession and his passion for a lively game of tennis, he decided it was time to have joint replacement surgery. Four months after the procedure, he was swinging his racket again.


Dane's Story
Makeup artist Dane Taylor was just 50 when she had what she thought was just a migraine, but turned out to be a serious stroke. After rehabilitation at Baylor she's back to loving life.


Orthopedics: Ed’s Story
Thanks to a hip replacement, Ed Kennedy is back to being his “big kid” self, racing cars and playing mini golf with his family.

Weight Loss Surgery

Ammie's Story
Weight loss surgery helped Ammie Gordon get her diabetes under control and go off her diabetes medication. Learn about how Aimee is enjoying a second chance at life and new found energy and health.

Vickie's Story
Weight loss surgery helped Vickie Brown shed more than just pounds. It also helped her ditch some of her diabetes medication.

Diana's Story
Weight loss surgery helped Diana Golestani become healthier than ever. It certainly wasn’t easy to drop more than 100 pounds, she admits. But her commitment has changed her life in so many positive ways.