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Take the Sleep Quiz 

The following self-evaluation test will help you determine if you have symptoms that may need medical attention.  

  • Do you awaken from sleep short of breath?
  • Do you snore loudly enough that others complain?
  • Do you fall asleep during the day while driving, when crying or laughing?
  • Do you have trouble at work because of sleepiness?
  • Do you have the feeling of being paralyzed when waking or falling asleep?
  • Do you have morning jaw pain or headaches?
  • Do you frequently get heartburn in the middle of the night?
  • Do you awaken not feeling rested or refreshed even after eight or ten hours of sleep?
  • Are you 15 pounds or more overweight?  

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions, you may have a sleep disorder.

This test is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment management. If you have any concerns regarding your health, seek professional medical advice.

If you think you may have a sleep disorder and would like to find a physician please search our physician directory or call 1-800-4BAYLOR.