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High Risk Pregnancies 

Advanced, Innovative Care to Help Mothers

Baylor offers advanced, innovative care to help mothers manage a high-risk pregnancy. If your physician has indicated that your pregnancy could be high risk, you could be transferred to the Fetal Care Center or the High-Risk Antepartum Unit at the James M. and Dorothy D. Collins Women and Children's Center, located at Baylor University Medical Center where specialists can monitor the health of you and your baby.

The perinatologists and neonatologists on the medical staff at Baylor are highly trained in the specialized care that you and your baby need in a high-risk pregnancy. Baylor offers innovative diagnostic services, including 3D sonograms, in a caring and comfortable environment.

Physicians on the medical staff at Baylor will provide a full range of obstetric services, including amniocentesis, chorionic villi sampling, percutaneous umbilical blood sampling, fetal monitoring, and genetic counseling.  

Pregnancy Central

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