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Pancreatic Cysts  

Up to 20 percent of pancreatic cancers begin as cysts. Surgery to remove premalignant or early malignant tumors can cure the disease. The Pancreatic Cyst Program at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas is one of the first in the nation and provides patients a fast and convenient way to have these cysts evaluated and removed, if needed.

A multidisciplinary team of physician specialists on the medical staff  at Baylor Dallas collaborate on the care of the patient. Patients will be evaluated by a gastroenterologist and pancreatic surgeon. In complicated cases, patients may be discussed at a pancreas conference to develop a consensus opinion.

For malignant or premalignant lesions, surgical resection options include:

For cysts that do not require immediate surgery, a plan will be developed to periodically assess the cyst(s) for changes or progression and provide medical or surgical therapy as needed.

To learn more about a pancreatic cyst evaluation, contact the Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center at 214.820.1756.