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Transplant Services 

Baylor's transplant program was established in December 1984. Today, it is one of the nation's best. The Baylor Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute is the integration of transplant services at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth. Together, Baylor Dallas and Baylor Fort Worth are one of the largest multi-specialty transplant centers in the country.

About Our Transplant Program

Goran Klintmalm, MD, PhD, FACS, chief and chairman of the Baylor Simmons Transplant Institute, discusses how our highly skilled, highly experienced team is delivering quality care with a compassionate touch to patients in need of transplant.

Why Choose Baylor?

Discovering you need a transplant can be a frightening experience. And when it comes to making such an important decision, you need to turn to someone you can trust.

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Transplants Performed

Find all the information you need about the different transplants performed through our transplant program. At Baylor, the team has performed more than 11,500 transplants.

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Patient & Family Support

At Baylor, we're committed to helping you make lifestyle adjustments even after you leave our facilities. Learn more about Baylor's support programs and find helpful resources.

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Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center

The Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center offers treatment for liver cancer, tumor and cysts, pancreatic cysts and pancreatic cancer.

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Baylor Firsts

As one of the largest multi-specialty transplant centers in the country, and through the dedication of the transplant medical staff, Baylor has been "first" in a number of areas.

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