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Lung Transplant 

At Baylor, we understand how frightening the prospect of needing a lung transplant can be. But you can breathe easy knowing that our highly experienced lung care team is with you every step of the way.

We performed the first single lung transplant in Dallas in 1990 and the first double lung transplant in Dallas in 1993. Since then, our Lung Transplant Program, has been providing new hope and restored health for hundreds of patients with end-stage lung disease.

Our Lung Transplant Program works closely with our Pulmonary Hypertension Program and a team of specialists who can help improve lung health. Whenever possible, we look for ways to prevent and treat lung disease without a transplant. However, if a lung transplant is needed, we offer several options:

  • Single lung (replacing a single lung)
  • Bilateral lung (replacing both lungs)
  • Heart-lung (simultaneous replacement of heart and lungs)

For more information on the Baylor Dallas Lung Transplant Program, call (214) 820-6856.

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