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Liver Transplant 

When it comes to liver transplantation at Baylor, there’s comfort in numbers.

Surgeons on the medical staff at Baylor have performed more than 3,000 liver transplants—placing us in an elite handful of centers in the United States to reach this milestone.  Our liver transplant program is internationally recognized as a pioneering program in liver transplantation and anti-rejection treatment, as well as hepatitis B and C research. In addition, our living donor liver program is among the top 10 in the nation and one of only two programs in Texas. And with nine outreach locations throughout Texas, we are bringing over 30 years of experience treating patients with advanced liver disease to you.

We’re also utilizing promising therapies and better managing liver disease, so that many patients may avoid a liver transplant altogether. Exciting liver cancer treatments—such as laparoscopic resection or targeted radiation therapy—are allowing more cancer patients to keep their livers.

Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center

Baylor offers a broad spectrum of treatment options for patients with benign or malignant liver tumors, bile duct cancer, bile duct injury, pancreatic tumors or chronic pancreatitis.

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Living Donor Liver Transplant

Living Donor Liver Transplant is a procedure in which a living person donates a portion of his or her liver to another.

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Patient & Family Support

At Baylor, we're committed to helping you make lifestyle adjustments even after you leave our facilities. Learn more about Baylor's support programs and find helpful resources.

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