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Stereotaxis Technology 

Stereotaxis Technology Improves Navigation

 Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth is the first location in Tarrant County to use the Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System to correct arrhythmias.  This innovative technology uses magnetics and computerized controls to safely and precisely navigate within the heart.  Instead of advancing the catheter by hand, physicians guide the catheter through the venous system using a joystick, navigating by viewing a 3-D display that allows them to place the ablation tip exactly where it should go.

Accuracy of navigation is further improved by the integration of CT scans of the heart with the map produced by the Stereotaxis system.  Advanced technologies that enhance the Stereotaxis system are CartoMerge image integration software and CartoSound.  CartoMerge allows the use of previously acquired CT or MRI cardiac images to produce a better 3-D image of the heart.  CartoSound enhances physicians' ability to visualize as they navigate during difficult EP ablation cases.

Potential benefits of Stereotaxis:
  • Shorter procedures
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less exposure to X-ray radiation
  • Less risk of serious complications from damaging blood vessels or heart tissue
  • Less likelihood of referral to more invasive open-heart surgical procedures