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Women’s Health

Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth

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Prenatal Care 

Right. From the Start.

From conception through delivery, expectant mothers rely on quality prenatal care for their baby's health. Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth's Andrews Women's Hospital is committed and equipped to offer comprehensive prenatal care, right from the start.

Prenatal Care Is Vitally Important To The Health Of Your Baby

  • Seek prenatal care once you discover you are pregnant
  • Nutritional guidelines help maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Prenatal examinations, routine ultrasounds and screenings throughout your pregnancy help identify any changes that may lead to risks
  • Share any concerns with your physician or health care provider

Our Prenatal Care Program Provides The Information You Need For A Healthier Pregnancy

  • Fast Track - a fast-paced course packed with useful information regarding childbirth, baby basics and breastfeeding
  • Dad-to-Dad (for dads and grandfathers only) - a one-time, three-hour course on baby care topics taught by an experienced dad who is also a medical professional
  • Not Your First Baby - a refresher course tailored to parents expecting a baby after the birth of their first child
  • Prepared Childbirth Classes - prepare parents-to-be for the labor and delivery experience
  • Baby Basics - a hands-on class providing the basics and helpful hints of caring for a newborn
  • Breastfeeding - a course providing comprehensive information on how to breastfeed
  • Infant Child Safety and CPR - teaches how to provide a safe home environment and CPR methods for rescuing infants and children
  • Infant Massage - offers a proven way to comfort newborns, as well as improve infant digestion, sleep and weight gain

Breastfeeding, Nature's Health Plan

Breastfeeding is a significant contributor in a lifetime of health for mother and baby. Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth has achieved Texas Ten Step Designation from the Department of State Health Services and the Texas Hospital Association encouraging breastfeeding.

The Texas Ten Step Program's 10 goals or steps support breastfeeding mothers before, during and after delivery.