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Women’s Health

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Women's Heart Services 

As a woman, you devote so much heart to your family, career and community. However, you should know that heart disease is a real problem for women, so it may be time to take check on your own heart.

Heart disease is the leading killer of women over age 25, according to the American Heart Association. Unfortunately, only 13 percent of women think heart disease is a threat to their health.

As a primary focus, the Women and Heart program at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth helps increase awareness and recognition about heart problems and early warning signs of heart disease.

Women may experience the same classic heart attack symptoms as men–such as tightness in the chest, arm pain, and shortness of breath–but often women have more subtle symptoms, including nausea, overwhelming fatigue or dizziness.

Critical Questions

Take heart and ask your doctor:

  1. Do you have special training in women’s heart disease?
  2. How can I learn about my risk for heart disease?
  3. What are the warning signs of heart problems or a heart attack?
  4. Does menopause play a role in heart disease?
  5. What is my blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index?
  6. What steps can I take to stop smoking?
  7. Are my risk factors the same for heart disease and stroke?
  8. Do medications help prevent a heart attack?
  9. What do I need to do if I experience any heart-related symptoms?
  10. What lifestyle changes contribute to heart health?

Dedicated Heart Care

At Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth, we care for patients from the first sign of heart and vascular trouble through diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Our innovative diagnostic tools, treatments and educational programs ensure that you will receive the most complete and advanced heart care.

The Albert M. Goggans, M.D. and Robert W. Brown, M.D. Regional Heart Center at Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth offers cardiovascular services including: a cardiac catheterization lab, the Ryan Center for Electrophysiology, non-invasive cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, specialized intensive care units, and a progressive care unit.

The American Heart Association offers these prevention guidelines:

  • Do not smoke or use tobacco.
  • Get plenty of exercise, 30 minutes 5 days a week, or more for weight loss.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eat a heart healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, low fat or nonfat dairy products, fish, legumes, and sources of protein low in saturated fat.
  • Get a checkup and treatment, if necessary, for depression.
  • Take omega-3 fatty acids supplements if you are high risk.

Heart Risk Assessment

Baylor Scott & White offers a free, online heart risk assessment to help you learn more about your individual risk for heart disease. Your assessment will explain important factors, as well as lifestyle changes that can reduce your chances of developing serious problems.

Heart and Vascular Services

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. That's why Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Fort Worth offers comprehensive heart and vascular services to help patients with matters of the heart.

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