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Vestibular & Balance Clinic at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation 

Balance and vestibular disorders can impact many aspects of an individual’s life, including physically, socially, emotionally, financially and vocationally. Some balance disorders are related to a problem in the inner ear, while others are the result of other health problems or diseases. These balance conditions can also contribute to an increased risk of falling and resulting in hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation or permanent life changes.

 At Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation (BIR) the Vestibular/Balance Clinic offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for individuals with balance and vestibular dysfunction.

 Individuals with dizziness and/or vertigo who are at increased risk for falling as a result of injury to the vestibular system can benefit from the program. Some common medical conditions may include: vertigo, neurological diseases, acquired brain injury and stroke.

 Some of the therapeutic goals for participants in BIR’s Vestibular/Balance Clinic include: improved postural stability, improved balance, increased independence for mobility skills, and reduced dizziness to increase participation in daily living activities. The program also provides education on risk factors for falls, environmental modifications, and compensatory strategies.

 “One of the best parts of this clinic is helping people get their life back,” said Tonya Fuller, a physical therapist at BIR.  “They can go back to work, drive, and return to their hobbies again without feeling dizzy anymore.”

 Treatment provided in the clinic may include specialized equipment, such as Balance Master®, which provides objective assessment and retraining of the three primary balance systems using visual biofeedback. Additional therapeutic equipment will be used for evaluation and treatment.

Additional referrals, provided based on the specific needs of the patient, may include:

  • Medical specialty consultation by physicians who specialize in disorders and diseases of the ear
  • Medical management by a physiatrist (a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation) and /or a neurologist
  • Occupational therapy and/or speech therapy to maximize independence and safety in all areas of mobility and daily functioning

 For additional information or to make a referral to the Vestibular/Balance Clinic, please call 214.820.9358.