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Emergency Care

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Grapevine

Need something? Call us: 1.800.4BAYLOR(1.800.422.9567)
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What to Expect 

During Your Visit 

Some people may think going to the emergency department is frightening. That’s why at Baylor Grapevine, we want to ease your fears by letting you know what to expect when you come through our doors. 

  • Depending on the severity of your symptoms you may be taken immediately to a treatment room or be asked to wait until one becomes available. Patients with minor medical symptoms such as coughs, fever, earaches or minor injuries may be treated in our minor emergency area open 16 hours a day from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. This area allows our staff to see and treat all minor ailments more quickly.
  • Before you see one of our physicians, a staff member will ask questions including general information, medical history and medications you may be taking. This gives our physicians the information they need to provide quality care for you.
  • After you have been evaluated by a physician you may need lab tests or X-rays to help diagnose your medical problem. Lab tests and X-rays may take an hour or two to process. At Baylor Grapevine, we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible while you wait.
  • Your physician will return after the results are in to re-evaluate you. Depending on your condition a physician specialist may be consulted to help with your care. If you need to be admitted to the hospital, our staff will assign you a bed. Your care will continue in the ED until you are transported to your hospital room.
  • After your emergency department visit is complete and you are ready to go home, you will be given instructions regarding your diagnosis. It is very important that you understand what to do when you leave the hospital. Your personal physician may be contacted regarding your visit to the ED. Also, before you leave a staff member will ask for your name, address, telephone number and insurance information. This gives us the information we need to contact you if we need to after you leave our emergency department.

Visitors are Welcome

We understand that no one likes to go the ED alone. Our emergency staff will do their best to accommodate your visitor(s) during your ED visit. Please keep in mind we have limited space and we want to make sure that the privacy of all of our patients is maintained.

For more information about emergency services at Baylor Grapevine or for a referral to a physician on the medical staff, please  call

1.800.4BAYLOR or search online.