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Our Children's House at Baylor

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Real Patients. Real Stories. 

Belle Brigman

Rachel Brigman was concerned about her toddler’s speech delay. “Belle couldn’t communicate verbally like other two-year-old children,” she explains. Her pediatrician recommended Our Children’s House at Baylor for speech therapy. It was the start of a very special bond. Over the course of three years, the therapist taught Belle ways to form new sounds. Occupational therapy complemented the progress by helping Belle overcome fine motor challenges, such as grasping a pencil. “Now Belle’s able to do the same type of work her peers are doing at preschool,” says Rachel. “We feel so blessed.”

Tara D'Alessandro

When Tara was born, she weighed just 15 ounces and was intubated for the first five months of her life, causing her to develop an oral aversion to anything in or around her mouth - including food. The Feeding Program at Our Children's House at Baylor is helping Tara learn to eat like a typical toddler.

Emily Castle

When Emily first came to Our Children's House, she was suffering from debilitating headaches that kept her from attending school and doing things she enjoys, like playing the guitar. Thanks to a personalized treatment regimen, Emily's headaches have improved and she's now able to attend school. She hopes to one day work in the medical field to help children.

Annie Altizer

When Annie was transferred from the hospital to Our Children’s House at Baylor’s inpatient program in Dallas, she could only move her feet and was still in a wheelchair. In line with OCH’s aggressive approach to therapy, it wasn’t long before Annie was up and moving.

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Austin Moore

“The things they teach kids are not just for the therapy world. They prepare them for the real world. I wish every child could have them as therapists because they just do so much.”

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Lucas Hunt

The progress Lucas has made is everything Faye and her husband hoped for. “He was the first one in his class to count to twenty. And I know that might not sound like a big deal, but it’s amazing to me.”

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Timothy Valerius

The progress Timothy has shown has been nothing short of remarkable. Recently, he was able to discontinue occupational therapy because his fine motor skills had improved so drastically that he has caught up with other kids his age. Yet, that isn’t the most extraordinary thing that has happened thanks in part to his therapy.

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Titus Daily

The care Titus’ has received at Our Children’s House at Baylor in Allen (OCH Allen) has ensured that his case is anything but hopeless.

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