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Exercise Excuses 

No More Excuses! It’s Time to Get Moving!

Exercise can be hard to commit to—especially when there are so many excuses sitting on the tip of your tongue. Motivation requires a keen focus on your goals and the ability to overcome your excuses. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Plano offers these tips to overcome  three of the most common exercise excuses. 

Excuse #1: I’m tired.  

Response: Ironically, a lack of physical activity might just be the reason you feel tired. Tell yourself you’ll just walk for 10 minutes. Once you get started, you might be energized enough to keep going. If you are too tired after 10 minutes, take a break and try again tomorrow. If your tiredness continues once you have an established fitness routine, talk to your doctor about other potential causes.  

Excuse #2: I’m too busy. 

Response: You only get one body, and no one can do the exercise for you. It’s time to take control and accountability for your health. Sit down with your work and home calendars, and begin by identifying an hour on three or four days when you can go for a walk or hit the gym. Block that time out on both calendars, and make sure others know that time cannot be changed. If you truly can’t find those few hours in a week, it may be time to ask friends and family for help in other areas.  

Excuse #3. I’m not seeing the results, so why bother? 

Response: It can take time to see the dramatic results you’re craving. But remember, the first results usually aren’t visible—things like a better mood, less stress and a healthier heart. The weight loss and toned muscles will come in time. Work with a trainer who can help you develop a program specific to your goals, and talk to your doctor or a dietitian about your eating program—a poor diet could be holding you back from achieving your goals. 

Baylor Scott & White takes a comprehensive approach to fitness and nutrition. Click here to learn more about how dietitians at Baylor Scott & White - Plano can help you eat healthier.