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Financial Assistance Program 

Financial Assistance Options Including Charity Care

Baylor's mission is to serve all people through exemplary health care, education, research, and community service.

One of the ways Baylor fulfills this mission is to provide financial assistance to those members of the community who are in need.

There are several different programs that have been established for this purpose. Each of the programs has a unique set of criteria which must be met in order to qualify for financial assistance. The patient is responsible for seeking the appropriate advice from third parties to assist them in making the correct decisions when applying for these programs. Please remember that it is the patient's ultimate responsibility to apply, and provide the necessary information to qualify for the program. Baylor cannot ensure that the patient will qualify for such programs.

Financial Counselors

Baylor provides financial counselors to help patients find ways to meet their financial obligations for the services provided to them.  

Any patient may request to speak to a financial counselor when being treated at Baylor. Uninsured patients who are admitted to the hospital will automatically receive financial counseling services from a Baylor representative.

Contact Numbers for Financial Counselors:


Baylor All Saints Fort Worth


Baylor Carrollton


Baylor Dallas


Baylor Frisco


Baylor Garland


Baylor Grapevine


Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation


Baylor Irving


Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart & Vascular Hospital


Baylor Plano


Baylor Scott & White - Waxahachie


Our Children's House at Baylor


The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano


If you believe you may need financial assistance for hospital charges for procedures or services you have received at a Baylor location, please review the following options.  

Option 1: Government Sponsored and Community Based Assistance

There are a number of available programs from the Federal, State and Local levels such as Medicaid which can help pay the medical bills of people who have low income and cannot afford medical care. Often, patients are unaware of these programs or are unable to access them due to the cumbersome enrollment process required to receive these benefits. Find information on government assistance programs and additional information by contacting 800.725.0024.

 Option 2: Charity Care

Baylor provides financial assistance in the form of charity care to patients. Charity care assistance is based on a patient's yearly income level, household members, and the amount of medical bills. Learn about the process for applying for assistance and the options that may be available.

Option 3: Uninsured Patient Discount

Baylor offers an Uninsured Patient Discount to patients who: 1) are uninsured or are insured but have non-covered services, and 2) do not receive charity care financial assistance.

The Uninsured Patient Discount is a discount of 35% on hospital charges for procedures or services at a Baylor location except those specifically excluded: transplant services and package-priced services. It also does not apply to standard patients liabilities such as co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance.

  • The Uninsured Patient Discount is applied to the final billed hospital charges. This discount may not be combined with any other discount including, but not limited to, a charity care discount.
  • Baylor applies the Uninsured Patient Discount on a consistent and non-discriminatory basis.
  • Contact us at 1.800.725.0024 if you have any questions about the Uninsured Patient Discount.

If you do not qualify for any of these options, Baylor does expect you to satisfy your financial obligations for services.